What to Watch Today

The Middle Ends, Roseanne and The Flash Finales, Voice Winner Revealed and More

  • The CW
    The Flash

    Season 4 finale: The team turns to a surprising ally for help in their battle against DeVoe. (Get renewal status; view CW fall schedule.)

  • CBS

    Season 15 finale: Vance and Gibbs fear what Sloane is willing to do to destroy the man who took her hostage in Afghanistan. (A new 48 Hours: NCIS airs at 10.)

  • ABC

    Season 10 finale: Dan makes an important decision after Roseanne’s knee worsens; Darlene decides to return to her first passion. (Get scoop on BTS shakeup.)

  • ABC
    The Middle

    Series finale (60 minutes): The Hecks take a road trip to Denver, where Axl is set to start a new job — and a new life — away from his family.

  • NBC
    The Voice

    Season 14 finale (Night 2 of 2): Jason Aldean, James Bay, Florence + the Machine, Halsey, Big Sean, Dua Lipa and Chloe Kohanski perform; a winner is revealed. (A Night 1 recap special airs at 8.)



  • The CW
    The 100

    Octavia leads her people toward Shallow Valley, despite Clarke and Bellamy’s advice; Abby and Kane deal with new challenges.

  • ABC
    Splitting Up Together

    Season 1 finale: Martin and Lena decide to share the house when the kids go off to summer camp; a friendly face returns. (Get renewal status.)

  • ABC
    For the People

    Season 1 finale: Sandra takes on a client accused of spying for the Chinese government; Jay goes up against Kate. (Get renewal status.)

  • FX

    69 minutes: “The path forward is revealed,” according to this week’s potentially spoiler-y teaser.

  • TBS
    The Last O.G.

    Tray turns to Bobby for support when he’s left reeling from the error of his ways. (Psst… hear the good news?)