What to Watch Tonight

The Fosters' Judgment Call, New Girl Marathon and More

  • Acorn TV

    Stateside premiere (all 6 episodes): In the BAFTA-winning comedy, amateur metal detectorists (The Office‘s Mackenzie Crook and Wayward Pines‘ Toby Jones) search for a fabled trove of buried Saxon loot.

  • TBS
    New Girl Marathon

    Through 1 pm | Have the time of your life with all 24 Season 1 episodes of the Zooey Deschanel sitcom, which will air weekdays at 3 pm on the basic cable network. (Season 5 premieres in January.)

  • NBC
    American Ninja Warrior

    The top 30 competitors from the military qualifier face obstacles including the Salmon Ladder, Arm Rings and Spider Climb. (Already renewed!)

  • Fox
    So You Think You Can Dance

    Following performances by the remaining 10 dancers, the top eight contenders are revealed.

  • ABC Family
    The Fosters

    Summer finale: Stef and Lena plan a party in honor of Lena’s parents’ 40th anniversary; Callie faces the judge who will determine her fate. (Get scoop.)

  • Lifetime
    Devious Maids

    Marisol is led to believe that Taylor is hiding something; Zoila has trouble getting accustomed to a job change; Adrian is haunted by his past.

  • The CW
    Significant Mother

    Lydia asks Nate to keep a secret when she thinks she might be pregnant; Emma writes a country song inspired by Nate’s life.

  • ABC
    The Whispers

    In the antepenultimate episode, Wes asks for the president’s approval to bring the children together as a means of weakening Drill.

  • TNT
    Murder in the First

    Hildy and Terry arrest a high-ranking officer; Suger faces a new threat; Molk learns of a potential prostitution ring.

  • MTV
    Teen Wolf

    Scott relies on an unlikely ally; Lydia and Stiles search for the truth regarding Parrish.