What to Watch Tonight

The Flash and 2 Other Finales, Community Paintball and More

  • Yahoo Screen

    Frankie threatens to expel students after a secret game of paintball erupts on campus.

  • Fox
    Hell's Kitchen

    Two episodes: First up, the contenders sift through keys to unlock compartments with essential challenge ingredients. Then at 9 pm, the chefs attempt to replicate one of Ramsey’s dishes based on taste alone.

  • The CW
    The Flash

    Season 1 finale: Ronnie and Dr. Stein return as Wells presents Barry with a life-changing choice to make. (Renewed; get scoop, watch the spinoff trailer!)

  • ABC
    The Bachelorette

    Special night and time: The men decide whether Britt or Kaitlyn will be this year’s eponymous bachelorette. (Insert audible groan here!)

  • ABC
    Dancing With the Stars

    Season 20 finale, Part 2: The 20th season ends with a 20th “star” receiving the “prestigious” mirror ball trophy. (Renewed.)

  • NBC
    The Voice

    Season 8 finale, Part 2: Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor, Luke Bryan and John Fogerty perform before a new winner is revealed. (Renewed.)

  • The CW

    Liv investigates multiple murders linked to the consumption of an energy drink. Ubiquitous TV guest star Steven Weber plays the man behind the drink, because of course he does!

  • TV Land

    Liza returns to her former New Jersey book club to garner interest in an unpublished author.

  • TBS
    Your Family or Mine

    The family endures five stages of grief as five different members attempt to get past individual crises. Since it’s on TBS, we’ll assume these crises are very funny.

  • Comedy Central
    Inside Amy Schumer

    Amy spoofs Toddlers & Tiaras, visits her therapist and grows smitten with her new posterior.