What to Watch Today

Amazing Race Returns, Review Ends, a New Mom and More

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    Ellen Pompeo steps behind the camera as the doctors find themselves at odds over how to properly treat Maggie’s mom. (Get Glee-ful casting news.)

  • The CW

    Davies joins Sam and Dean on their search for a werewolf; Claire, who’s also on the hunt, gets bitten.

  • CBS
    The Big Bang Theory

    Leonard and Penny adjust to having Raj in the apartment; Sheldon takes a sudden interest in Amy’s work. (Read up on the XL renewal and prequel spinoff.)

  • NBC
    Chicago Med

    Will faces a moral decision when his former teacher is revealed to have a life-threatening disease; Rhodes has a disagreement with the father of a young patient.

  • The CW

    Archie and the gang agree to help Fred, who loses his crew ahead of a major construction gig; Jughead worries about how his friends will react to his secret.


  • CBS

    Christy helps Jill adjust to being a foster mom; Bonnie is unable to convince tenants that she’s a good building manager. (One of CBS’ 16 renewals?)

  • CBS
    The Amazing Race

    Season 29 premiere: For the first time ever, all 22 competitors are complete strangers, and are paired up based on first impressions. (Where is Training Day?)

  • USA Network

    Will, Katie and Broussard must battle the Red Hand in an effort to seize control of the RAP gauntlet.

  • CMT
    Sun Records

    Elvis goes on the road to promote “Blue Moon”; Jerry Lee attempts to stay on the straight and narrow. (When is the finale?)

  • Comedy Central

    Series finale: Forrest cryogenically freezes himself, gets struck by lightning and receives a message from Suzanne. (Did you miss out on this #PeakTV treasure?)