What to Watch Tonight

Suits Takeover, Carmichael Show Begins and More

  • Hulu
    Difficult People

    Billy and Julie rework the café’s menu to include children’s cuisines at adult prices. (This should go over about as well as their boxed library water idea!)

  • BET
    Katrina 10 Years Later: Through Hell in High Water

    BET’s Jeff Johnson explores the impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleanians who miraculously survived the storm and rebuilt their communities.

  • The CW
    America's Next Top Model

    The models struggle with their new looks as they partake in a photoshoot honoring war heroes.

  • Fox

    After each team preps two appetizers and two entrees for restaurant patrons, a pressure test will find one team cooking/plating three unique pasta dishes.

  • USA Network

    Summer finale: Louis and Jessica try to galvanize support; Jack and Daniel work towards a takeover; Harvey and Mike face their pasts. (Read preview.)

  • Up
    Ties That Bind

    Allison faces her shooter as the time necessary for his arrest slowly runs out; Matt suspects Cameron of theft. Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills, 90210) guest-stars.

  • CBS

    Molly suffers a nightmarish vision following a near-death experience; Shepherd’s commitment to the Global Space Commission is questioned.

  • NBC
    The Carmichael Show

    Series premiere (two episodes): After moving in with his longtime girlfriend (Amber Stevens West, Greek), Jerrod Carmichael — playing a fictionalized version of himself — deals with the opinions of his mouthy father (David Alan Grier, In Living Color) and religious mother (Loretta Devine, Grey’s Anatomy).

  • USA Network
    Mr. Robot

    UPDATE: Because a scene in the Mr. Robot season finale is similar in nature to Wednesday’s tragic shooting in Virginia, the episode has been postponed until Sept. 2.

  • TV Land
    The Jim Gaffigan Show

    Jim gets nervous when Jeannie invites their priest along for his taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.