What to Watch Today

Mary Jane and Shooter Return, AGT Judge Cuts and More

  • Hulu

    Valerie reluctantly agrees to be a bridesmaid; Alex and Judy bask in their newfound romance; Laura wants to move to Sacramento.

  • NBC
    America's Got Talent

    Judge Cuts begin, as contestants are given one last chance to impress Simon, Howie, Heidi and Mel B.; The Wall‘s Chris Hardwick serves as a guest judge (because he doesn’t have enough jobs).

  • Freeform
    The Fosters

    Callie applies to audit local art classes; Jesus distances himself from Brandon and Mariana. (Get scoop on Callie’s new outlook, “civil war” to come.)

  • TNT
    Animal Kingdom

    The boys contemplate just how far they’re willing to go to help Smurf; Baz divulges new information about Catherine’s disappearance to Pope.

  • Freeform
    The Bold Type

    Kat is targeted by online trolls after speaking out about gender inequality; Sutton finds her dream job, but second-guesses her qualifications.

  • OWN
    The Haves and the Have Nots

    Veronica accuses Officer Justin of sexually harassing Jeffery.

  • BET
    Being Mary Jane

    Summer premiere: Mary Jane, unable to trust Justin after his decision to fire Kara, tries to make things work with Lee. (Need a refresher? Read Episode 10 recap.)

  • USA Network

    Season 2 premiere: Bob Lee and Julie narrowly escape a terrorist attack after visiting his former unit in Germany. (Read preview, watch videos.)

  • NBC
    World of Dance

    Ballet superstar Misty Copeland joins J.Lo, Ne-Yo and Derek at the judges table for “The Cut” round, with only two acts chosen to advance to the Divisional Finals.

  • TBS

    Jess and Todd rely on unconventional means in their efforts to buy passage on the pirate’s ship. (When does People of Earth return?)