What to Watch Today

Shark Tank, Five-0, Race and 2 Other Returns, and More

On TV this Friday: Ashton Kutcher swims with the Sharks, Blue Bloods is placed on high alert, The Amazing Race propels to South America and Hawaii Five-0 is rated arrrgh! Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar:

  • TNT
    Cold Justice: Sex Crimes

    Two episodes: First up, Casey and Alicia investigate the 20-year-old tale of a Utah hitchhiker. Then in the 9 pm Season 1 finale, the duo investigate a chilling case in Alaska. (Not yet renewed.)

  • CBS
    The Amazing Race

    Season 27 premiere: A helicopter ride in Rio de Janeiro marks the start of a great adventure for 11 new teams. (Meet the cast!)

  • ABC
    Last Man Standing

    Season 5 premiere: Mike returns after a two-month road trip to find a tornado in the path of Outdoor Man and his home.

  • Disney Channel
    Girl Meets World

    Riley’s friends rally behind her when another classmate is caught making fun of her.

  • CBS
    Hawaii Five-0

    Season 6 premiere: The team investigates a pirate legend and an alleged buried treasure; Adam and Kono are kidnapped after their wedding. (Get scoop.)

  • ABC
    Shark Tank

    Season 7 premiere: Ashton Kutcher subs in for Daymond John as investors pitch an infant feeding device and a wearable mode of transportation.

  • CBS
    Blue Bloods

    Season 6 premiere: Frank is placed on high alert when a viable terror threat plagues New York City. (Watch an exclusive sneak peek.)

  • Syfy
    Z Nation

    The heroes embark on a quest for a cure after stumbling upon a wagon train transporting nuclear blast survivors to safety.

  • Cinemax
    Strike Back

    Locke comes face-to-face with an enemy; Scott and Stonebridge search for the encryption analyst hired by Kwon and Li-Na for access to essential nuclear codes.

  • Syfy

    Garza and Kiera form an alliance; Alec joins Carlos and the VPD.


    COMING NEXT FRIDAY: The series premiere of Dr. Ken.