What to Watch Today

Modern Wedding, Schitt's Creek Finale and More


On TV this Wednesday: Modern Family‘s Haley and Dylan say “I Do,” Schitt’s Creek wraps its second-to-last season and Bear Grylls pits You vs. Wild. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar; all times are Eastern.

  • Netflix
    You vs. Wild

    Series premiere (all episodes): Out of the way, Bandersnatch! In this interactive program, survival expert Bear Grylls traverses jungles, mountains, deserts and forests, and lets you, the viewer, make decisions for him along the way. (Watch trailer.)

  • Fox

    The Lyons rally around Andre after receiving news about his deteriorating health; Lucious and Cookie talk over their wrongdoings. 

  • The CW
    Jane the Virgin

    Jane struggles to get over the latest hurdle in her life; Rogelio discovers that he and River aren’t as equal as he thought. 

  • Syfy
    The Magicians

    Quentin yells at a plant, while Margo… stares at a fish. (Get finale scoop.)

  • ABC
    Modern Family

    Hayley and Dylan plan to quietly elope before the twins are born; Jay tries to court an Instagram celebrity to help get his new business off the ground. 

  • Syfy

    Acting legend Ann-Margret makes her debut as the captivating Bebe DeBarge, in an episode that promises “a very Smoothie Easter egg hunt.”

  • CBS
    SEAL Team

    A surprise bomb attack in Manila leaves Bravo Team in peril. (Why aren’t more people watching?!)

  • Pop
    Schitt's Creek

    Season 5 finale: Stevie is M.I.A. on opening night for Cabaret; David attempts to make a big announcement. (Renewed… for a final season.)

  • IFC

    Jim has difficulty accepting that Jules has moved on with her life; legendary sportscaster Bob Costas guest-stars. (Watch sneak peek.)

  • ABC
    Whiskey Cavalier

    When a mission goes awry, Will and Frankie are forced to spend the night in a romantic Spanish villa. Will wine, candle light and a much-needed, totally “professional” massage dissolve the boundaries between the team leaders… and destroy Will’s relationship with Emma?