What to Watch Today

Scandal's Fitz Gets Frisky, A&E's Prison Exposé and More

  • CBS
    The Big Bang Theory

    Leonard, Sheldon and Howard struggle to obtain a patent; Raj turns to Penny, Amy and Bernadette for advice on Emily. (Will Season 10 be its last?)

  • A&E
    60 Days In

    Docuseries premiere (2 hours): Seven civilians enter Indiana’s Clark County prison as undercover inmates, in an attempt to uncover crime and corruption.

  • ABC

    Olivia and the team aid a group of Secret Service agents; Abby tries to keep Fitz in line; Jake reveals a series of secrets. (Psst… hear the good news?)

  • The CW
    The 100

    Kane’s efforts to handle matters peacefully are thwarted; Pike is led to believe that someone in Arkadia is leaking intel. (Who received TVLine accolades?)

  • USA Network

    As Will gets to work on a plan to get his family out from under the occupation, Katie and Broussard prepare for a risky mission.

  • CBS

    Last Thursday episode! Holmes and Watson help Henry Baskerville (Tom Everett Scott, Southland), an associate of Morland’s, investigate the death of his brother. (Moving to Sundays.)

  • ABC
    How to Get Away With Murder

    In the penultimate Season 2 episode, the Keating 5 are questioned about Emily Sinclair’s murder. Plus, Caleb goes missing as the search for Philip continues.

  • NBC
    Shades of Blue

    Harlee and Wozniak meet with Donnie’s silent partner, who turns out to be a DEA agent; Wozniak shows interest in a fellow vet suspected of murder.

  • Comedy Central

    Gene poses as a butler when Billie’s ex comes to dinner and convinces him that they’re better off apart.

  • Showtime
    Dark Net

    Season 1 finale: A victim and activist rely on new tech innovations to improve documentation of police misconduct. (Not yet renewed.)