What to Watch Today

Scandal Gets a Bit Lost, Gracepoint Catches a Liar and More

  • NBC
    The Biggest Loser

    A challenge that suspends the contestants above a canyon will result in the winning team gaining the power to bench a player during the weigh-in.

  • Fox

    The team investigates the murder of a radio host with help from “squintern” Rodolfo Fuentes (Ignacio Serricchio, Witches of East End) while Agent Aubrey tries to win Booth’s trust and Brennan becomes worried about Booth’s psyche. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    Owen hopes that by showing Callie the Veterans Hospital patients, she will help them via her robotic limb lab. Elsewhere, Bailey and Alex get ready to go in front of the board while Jo becomes jealous of Alex and Meredith’s friendship.

  • The CW
    The Vampire Diaries

    While Enzo and Caroline try to get back Damon and Bonnie, they find out what Stefan has really been up to. Meanwhile, Jeremy meets a new girl in Mystic Falls and Elena asks Alaric to help her move on.

  • Fox

    While the Solanos continue to mourn Danny, shocking evidence is discovered in daughter Chloe’s room. Also, Mark gets caught in a lie and Beth trusts an old friend (guest-star Kevin Rankin, Breaking Bad).

  • The CW

    Mary, Francis and Catherine’s loyalties are tested when Mary is linked to the death of a powerful lord’s son; Francis returns with Lola and their, son causing friction with you-know-who.

  • ABC

    Lost’s Sonya Walger guest-stars as an old friend of Olivia’s in need of help to find her daughter, while Cyrus has an awkward business breakfast and Mellie gets fixated on a national news story.

  • Lifetime
    Project Runway

    The final five are challenged with taking losing looks from the past season and turning them into something great. Also know as: “What we all do in the closet each morning.”

  • NBC
    Bad Judge

    While handling a celebrity shoplifting case, Rebecca decides that she wants to stay single instead of dating Gary — but when her van breaks down, she realizes that her strongest relationship is with Tedward.

  • NBC
    A to Z

    After Andrew spends the night with Zelda, Stu encourages him to go on a date with a co-worker. Their boss, though, bans office romance and encourages them to use the company’s dating app instead. (Get preview from star Ben Feldman.)

  • ABC
    How to Get Away With Murder

    Annalise must prove the innocence of a soccer mom (Anna Ortiz, Devious Maids) tied to a murder, while flash-forwards reveal more clues are revealed about who else was with the students on the night of the murder. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • NBC

    As the Bravermans await Zeek’s test results, Joel and Julia confront their relationship, Sarah is put in the middle of a tough family situation and Adam runs into trouble with the Luncheonette.