What to Watch Today

SNL Gives Thanks, Kingdom in King Beast Mode and More

  • Fox
    Hell's Kitchen

    When Chef Ramsay doesn’t like either team’s dinner service at an event to honor firefighters, he asks each group to put up members for elimination.

  • NBC
    The Making of Peter Pan Live!

    Before Allison Williams takes flight next Thursday, get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into prepping the classic musical for its one-night-only run.

  • ABC
    A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

    You know what Charlie would like to be thankful for? Someone holding the stupid football in place for once, Lucy!

  • NBC
    Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving

    Turkey lurkey doo and turkey lurkey dap, I eat that turkey, then I take a nap.”

  • CBS
    Criminal Minds

    The BAU investigates a murderer who feels bad about killing… but keeps doing it, anyway, Also, a woman who could hold a secret from Rossi’s past visits him. Tina Holmes (Six Feet Under) and Amber Stevens (Greek) guest-star.

  • DirecTV Audience Network

    The King Beast event puts Ryan and Alvey in the spotlight, while Jay searches for Hector and Carlos.

  • Fox
    Red Band Society

    Things heat up between Kara and Hunter; Leo and Emma get romantic as the latter receives unexpected news. Also, a big pop star (played by Shake It Up‘s Bella Thorne) checks into the hospital.

  • CBS

    A shrink thinks he’s being stalked by a suicidal patient, but the TAU finds that the crazy runs deeper than expected on this case; Beth learns something shocking about her stalker.

  • BBC America
    The Game

    In order to gain the upper hand with the KGB, Joe tries to convince the team to run a double-agent scheme. (Spoiler alert: They’re not into it.)

  • Showtime
    Web Therapy

    Fiona lobs a grenade into Jerome and Hayley’s relationship.