What to Watch Today

Survivor's Remorse Debuts, Silverman Hosts SNL and More

  • Hallmark
    Cedar Cove

    Season finale: Olivia gets to the bottom of Jack’s distant behavior, and Justine deals with the fallout from Seth’s return. (Not yet renewed.)

  • Lifetime
    Run for Your Life

    After fleeing with her two children from an abusive ex-husband, Meredith (Amy Smart, Justified) must make the difficult choice to disappear or kill him.

  • Starz
    Survivor's Remorse

    Series premiere: Counting Glee’s Mike O’Malley among its executive producers, this half-hour comedy follows star basketball player Cam Calloway (Jessie Usher, Level Up) as he is thrust into the limelight upon signing with a professional Atlanta team. (Get a preview from the stars.)

  • BBC America
    Doctor Who

    The Doctor and Clara crash-land on the moon to find a horrifying world, including vicious spider-like creatures. (Because actual spiders aren’t terrifying enough?!)

  • AMC
    Hell on Wheels

    Cullen, Durant and Campbell try to negotiate a settlement on how the streets will be policed.

  • Starz
    The Chair

    New time slot alert! Shane and Anna feel the pressure mounting during their first day on set.

  • NBC
    SNL Vintage

    In the second of NBC’s old-school reruns, Steve Martin hosts (Welcome back, Wild and Crazy Guys!) and the Blues Brothers perform.

  • HBO
    Jerrod Carmichael: Love at the Store

    Directed by Spike Lee, this special features rookie comedian Jerrod Carmichael performing at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, tackling subjects such as poverty, wealth, crime and race.

  • BBC America
    The Graham Norton Show

    Season 16 premiere: Graham’s guests include Denzel Washington, Gemma Arterton, Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi and British musician George Ezra.

  • NBC
    Saturday Night Live

    Comedian Sarah Silverman hosts, with musical guest Maroon 5. (Maybe this week’s host could not sing the monologue for a change?)