What to Watch Today

McConaughey and Adele Do SNL, Who Reunion and More

  • Starz
    Da Vinci's Demons

    As Leo’s paranoia shuts him off from his friends, Lucrezia finds herself in grave danger.

  • Lifetime
    Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow

    In a rare Lifetime pic that doesn’t involve abductions or murder, the Emmerson family heads to the quaint town of Turkey Hollow to spend Thanksgiving at their Aunt Cly’s farm. Mary Steenburgen (The Last Man on Earth), Jay Harrington (Better Off Ted) and Ludacris (?!) star.

  • Hallmark
    Northpole: Open for Christmas

    As Mackenzie Reed (Lori Loughlin, Full House) tries to fix up her aunt’s once-majestic hotel before Christmas, she gets help from Clementine (Bailee Madison, Once Upon a Time)… and elves.

  • BBC America
    Doctor Who

    The Doctor, Clara and their old friend Rigsy find themselves in a magical alien world, where they discover fearsome creatures — and Ashildr (returning guest star Maisie Williams).

  • Starz
    Ash vs. Evil Dead

    An unlikely alliance is formed as Ash and his team follow a new clue… but Kelly pays a big price.

  • Disney XD
    Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

    Rocket is abducted (nooo!) and taken back to his home planet, Half World.

  • NBC
    SNL Vintage

    In an episode from November 2010, Anne Hathaway hosts and Florence + the Machine performs.

  • Sundance
    The Returned

    Berg and Jerome join forces to take their investigation further and visit the hamlet where Victor’s family was murdered.

  • BBC America
    The Last Kingdom

    As a consequence of their actions in Cornwall, Uhtred and Leofric must face off against each other in a death match.

  • NBC
    Saturday Night Live

    Matthew McConaughey hosts — will he spoof his own Lincoln commercials? — and, hello, Adele performs.