What to Watch Tonight

The Fargo Finale (Aw, Geez!), Rizzoli Returns and More

  • NBC
    America's Got Talent

    Auditions continue as the judges keep looking for things to make small talk about talent.

  • ABC Family
    Pretty Little Liars

    Now back in Rosewood, Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to make sense of the new normal, Aria is haunted by the past and Alison is forced to stay with a family she does not trust.

  • TNT
    Rizzoli & Isles

    Season 5 premiere: Jane works to solve the murder of a jogger (while hiding her pregnancy from her mother), and Maura and Frankie deal with the consequences of their kiss.

  • USA Network
    Royal Pains

    Hank worries about a rising tennis star’s health, while a fellow pro falls ill. Also, Hank and Evan try and adjust to Eddie’s revelation.

  • ABC Family
    Chasing Life

    April hides the news of her cancer and prospective treatment as she profiles gubernatorial candidate Bruce Hendrie (and has a run-in with his son Leo). Meanwhile, Sara finds out about Brenna’s “extra-curricular” activities.

  • Syfy
    The Wil Wheaton Project

    New time slot alert! True Blood‘s Amelia Rose Blaire makes an appearance. (Heroes of Cosplay in turn now airs at 10 pm.)

  • FX

    Season finale (90 minutes): Molly takes the lead, Gus pursues a hunch, Lester manipulates a situation and Malvo finds a new target.

  • TNT

    Season 3 premiere: Daniel’s new life in Paris is turned upside down when the FBI approaches him for help with an international case.

  • NBC
    The Night Shift

    As the ER is flooded with patients from an Alamo re-enactment, Jordan’s long-distance boyfriend (guest star Scott Wolf, Perception) surprises her when he visits the hospital.

  • USA Network
    Playing House

    Season finale: Maggie and Emma’s preparations for the baby’s christening are interrupted when Mark gets into trouble with a biker. (Not yet renewed.)