What to Watch Today

Riverdale's End Begins, South Park and The Bad Batch Finales, Big Door Prize Premiere and More

  • Apple TV+
    The Big Door Prize

    Series premiere (first three episodes): A quaint town is forever changed when a mysterious machine appears and promises to reveal each resident’s true life potential; Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids) stars. (Trailer.)

  • Disney+
    Star Wars: The Bad Batch

    Season 2 finale: The final two episodes of the season are titled “The Summit” and “Plan 99.” That’s all Disney+ will reveal ahead of air.

  • Apple TV+
    Ted Lasso

    Jamie has reservations about Zava; Ted learns there’s something new going on back in Kansas. (Who received TVLine accolades?)


  • Hulu
    Wu-Tang: An American Saga

    In the series’ penultimate episode, Ghostface reflects on the sacrifices he’s made while navigating the bittersweet outcome of his success.

  • NBC
    Chicago Med

    A documentary crew arrives to film Crockett and Abrams’ groundbreaking surgery; Will begins to develop feelings for a coworker.

  • The CW

    Final season premiere: After being transported back to 1955, Archie attempts to impress new girl Veronica, who Cheryl perceives as a threat, while Toni, Tabitha and Betty take a stand against Principal Featherhead after he stonewalls their attempts to write about the murder of Emmet Till. (Read preview; watch trailer.)

  • ABC
    A Million Little Things

    Katherine meets Greta’s parents; Maggie returns to unexpected changes at her workplace; Rome and Omar make an important decision.

  • FX

    Teddy and Franklin close in on each other; Gustavo runs out of time.

  • Comedy Central
    South Park

    Season 26 finale: Spring break offers Garrison an excuse to revisit his former depraved lifestyle. (Renewed through Season 30.)

  • CBS
    True Lies

    Omega Sector goes after a dangerous hacker with missile codes that could cause war to break out in the Middle East if they fall into the wrong hands.