What to Watch Tonight

Rectify Road Trip, Final Complications, Maron and More

  • The CW
    Beauty and the Beast

    Vincent and Cat’s search for Liam is propelled by intel on a mysterious Patient X; Tess helps J.T. make sure he is serum-free.

  • USA Network

    Season 1 finale: John and Gretchen attempt to get Antoine home. (Not yet renewed… but look who earned a Performer of the Week Honorable Mention!)

  • ABC

    Karen makes a life-changing decision; Joss ponders what her life could have been had she chosen Scott over Harry. (Sneak peek.)

  • Sundance

    Season 3 finale: Daniel and Janet embark on a road trip; Tawney asks Teddy for a favor; Amantha finds comfort with an unexpected companion. (Renewed!)

  • CBS
    Under the Dome

    Big Jim and Julia concoct a potentially deadly plan to put an end to Christine’s reign over Chester’s Mill; Joe and Norrie attempt to comprehend the dome’s agenda.

  • USA Network

    Jakes and Charlie close in on Germaine; Mike’s addiction reaches its limit once he and Gusti find themselves caught in a dangerous ordeal. (Sneak peek.)

  • Syfy

    Alex plots an eviction as Michael plots an escape plan; Gates treks behind enemy lines to kill a broadcast.

  • IFC

    Season 3 finale: Marc throws out his back after training with pro-wrestler CM Punk; Andy Richter (Conan) and Ken Marino (Marry Me) guest-star. (Not yet renewed.)

  • Comedy Central

    Assuming he doesn’t utilize any of his two vetoes, Forrest will be framed for a crime, have sex with a teacher and confront the struggles of little people.

  • FX

    Gigi takes the band to see an undoubtedly kooky music therapist (played by Griffin Dunne, House of Lies).