What to Watch Today

Ray Donovan's Daddy Issue, Revisiting The Night Of and More

    2016 Summer Olympics

    Select highlights include women’s swimming (12 pm, NBC), kayaking (3 pm, NBC), women’s gymnastics (7 pm, NBC) and weightlifting (8 pm, NBCSN).

  • PBS
    Inspector Lewis

    Season 8 premiere: Lewis and Hathaway attempt to link remains found in a well to the killing of a young artist; Hathaway gets to know his estranged dad.

  • Starz

    Ghost spreads himself thin as the potential to expand the clubs evolves; Tommy has trouble coming to a decision; Angela has doubts.

  • HBO
    The Night Of

    Box goes about reconstructing Naz’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. (Fall behind? Catch up with Michael Slezak’s Episode 4 recap.)

  • Showtime
    Ray Donovan

    Ray turns to a old opponent for help getting Mickey — who is no longer being protected by the Russians — out of prison. (Get Showtime’s fall premiere dates.)

  • CBS

    Laurel is questioned about her potential involvement in the bug infestation; Rochelle and Gustav learn to communicate with those who have been infected. (Who received TVLine accolades?)

  • HBO

    Spencer and Joe try to figure out Andre’s weakness; Vernon gets anxious as he awaits important news; Jason attempts to woo a client. (Good news, folks.)

  • TV Land
    The Jim Gaffigan Show

    Jim doesn’t know whether or not to support his brother (Conan sidekick Andy Richter) when he arrives in New York having made a life-changing decision.

  • Starz
    Survivor's Remorse

    After an interview excerpt is taken out of context, Cam is forced to create the Calloway Philanthropic Trust.

  • USA Network

    An investigation into the murder of a suburban mom intensifies when her child is suddenly abducted.