What to Watch Tonight

Proof and Clipped Finales, Chris Brown Punk'd and More

  • NBC
    America's Got Talent

    The next 12 acts perform live at Radio City Music Hall, but only seven of them will advance to the semifinals.

  • CBS

    Mitch readies for a trade to save his dying daughter; a rat infestation is uncovered when a cargo ship washes ashore in Massachusetts.

  • truTV
    Six Degrees of Everything

    Series premiere: YouTubers Benny and Rafi Fine (Kids React) spend each week trying to prove that any two things in the world can be connected by six degrees. This week? Albert Einstein and breast implants!

  • TNT

    Season 1 finale (Part 2): Carolyn’s personal and professional lives come to a head, forcing her to make a devastating decision. (Not yet renewed.)

  • FX

    Barry preps for an important mission; Jamal commits to an extreme action, with severe ramifications. (AKA every Tyrant synopsis ever?)

  • MTV

    Emma deals with the latest death while a secret from the past comes unraveled.

  • TBS

    Season 1 finale: Joy waits with Lonnie for his date while the rest of the gang heads to their high school reunion. (Not yet renewed.)

  • BET
    Real Husbands of Hollywood

    Season 4 premiere: Kevin is fooled into thinking Nick died, prompting him to donate to an organ donor organization.

  • USA Network
    Playing House

    Emma and Maggie accompany Tina to a woodworking class; Tina and Mark face uncomfortable truths.

  • BET

    Season 10 premiere: YouTuber DeStorm Power hosts the second revival of the Ashton Kutcher prank series. In Episode 1, Chris Brown comes upon an allegedly lost child during a music video shoot.