What to Watch Today

Possessed Perception, Liars #100, Dead-umentary and More

  • NBC
    America's Got Talent

    The judges continue looking for reasons why people keep entering their pets America’s most talented individuals.

  • ABC Family
    Pretty Little Liars

    Episode 100: Alison goes back to school determined to right past wrongs. Meanwhile, Caleb (series regular Tyler Blackburn, Ravenswood) — as well as an old foe — returns to Rosewood.

  • USA Network
    Royal Pains

    Evan reaches out to a woman with a mysterious illness hoping Hank can diagnose her. (Hey, that’s a good premise for a  TV series!) Elsewhere, Paige and Russell’s new client could be a goldmine… or a dangerous problem.

  • TNT
    Rizzoli & Isles

    The squad tries to figure out a how a man was murdered inside his supposedly impenetrable doomsday fallout shelter — but Jane can’t focus on the case after she discovers Korsak is mulling retirement and Frankie is keeping a secret of his own.

  • ABC Family
    Chasing Life

    After an unnerving visit to a psychic, April enlists Dominic’s help in tracking down her “sister” Natalie. Also, George gives April an official diagnosis and Sara’s concern for April’s health leads to a confrontation.

  • MTV
    Finding Carter

    Series premiere: After Carter (Katheryn Prescott, Reign) finds out she was abducted as a toddler, she has to adjust to a life with her new parents, a twin sister and a new school. The cast also includes Cynthia Watros (Lost), Alexis Denisof (Angel), Anna Jacoby-Heron (Vegas) and Zac Pullam.

  • NBC
    The Night Shift

    After TC and Topher retrieve the lone survivor of a plane crash, they must deal with Milo (guest star Steven Bauer, Breaking Bad), a law enforcement agent with a hidden agenda.

  • USA Network
    Covert Affairs

    Annie and McQuaid join forces to get out of Venezuela while Joan works with Arthur and Caitlyn Cook to extract their fellow operatives. Meanwhile, Calder’s affair take on a new dimension.

  • TNT

    Kate asks Daniel to examine a woman (guest star Rya Kihlstedt, Nashville) who has confessed to murder and claims to be possessed by the Devil. Elsewhere, Kate’s wedding plans hit a bump in the road — is it her feelings for Daniel?

  • AMC
    Inside The Walking Dead

    A documentary exploring the making of The Walking Dead, along with a behind-the-scenes look at makeup and special effects.