What to Watch Today

A Dreadful Return, Grantchester Wraps Up and More

  • Fox
    American Country Countdown Awards

    Based on Kix Brooks’ long-running radio countdown show, this ceremony features performances from Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan and others.

  • TLC
    Who Do You Think You Are?

    First, The Good Wife’s Chris Noth tracks down family torn apart by disaster. In the 9 pm season finale, Glee’s Lea Michele uncovers secrets of her Jewish ancestry.

  • ABC
    Once Upon a Time

    Hades asks the heroes for help with getting Zelena back; Hook, still unable to leave, must brave the depths of the Underworld with Emma. (Get sweeps preview.)

  • PBS

    Season finale: Sidney seeks oblivion, his friend Sam seeks forgiveness, a dead girl’s parents seek revenge and Leonard… takes a stand. (Renewed.)

  • HBO
    Game of Thrones

    Bran trains with the Three-Eyed Raven, while in King’s Landing, Jaime advises Tommen. (How did the cast react to that twist?)

  • Lifetime
    Pretty Little Addict

    When a teen (Andrea Bowen, Desperate Housewives) loses her dad to cancer, she begins a downward spiral of partying and drinking. When she then meets a sweet boy in rehab, she discovers he isn’t what he seems.

  • AMC
    Fear the Walking Dead

    The group lets a family in distress board the Abigail, and Strand’s past begins to come to light. (Is this show getting as good as the mothership?)

  • Showtime
    Penny Dreadful

    Season 3 premiere: Feeling abandoned by her faith, a shattered Vanessa seeks the help of Dr. Seward (returning guest star Patti LuPone), an American therapist who has an unconventional way of treatment. (Season 2 marathon starts at 10 am.)

  • USA Network

    New time slot alert! An armed robber is murdered, leading the team to an unlikely killer.

  • CBS

    When Holmes and Watson discover the perpetrator behind the attempt on Morland’s life, they find a shocking connection to themselves. (Watch promo.)