What to Watch Tonight

Orphan Black Finale, Crisis Averted, New Assets and More

  • UP
    My Dad's a Soccer Mom

    When football player “Mad Dog” Casey (Lester Speight, My Wife and Kids) doesn’t get his contract renewed, he becomes a stay-at-home dad to daughter Lacy (Jessie‘s Skai Jackson) and helps foster her passion for soccer. Tracey Gold (Growing Pains) also stars.

  • USA Network

    In celebration of Pride Month, the 1993 movie addressing HIV/AIDS will be preceded by a special introduction from President Bill Clinton, who created the White House Office on National AIDS Policy the same year it was initially released.

  • NBC

    Double-episode series finale: Finley makes a heroic move while in the mansion with the kidnappers. Then, Gibson finds himself on a mission orchestrated by Beth Ann’s kidnapper. (Officially cancelled.)

  • Lifetime
    Stolen From the Womb

    Newly pregnant Diane (Larisa Oleynik, The Secret World of Alex Mack) is unknowingly stalked by a woman who is desperate to have a child of her own. (Plus, these four terrifying words: “Inspired by true events.”)

  • BBC America
    Orphan Black

    Season 2 finale: When Rachel’s latest ploy forces a broken Sarah to concede, the Clone Club unites to save her. (Not yet renewed.)

  • ABC
    The Assets

    New night and time: Yanked from ABC’s midseason schedule in January after just two airings, the espionage drama returns with the CIA and FBI working to bring Edward Lee Howard to justice.

  • Starz

    The club’s future becomes jeopardized, and the rift between Ghost and Tasha over the nightclub widens.

  • BBC America
    Almost Royal

    One-hour series premiere: Distant heirs to the British throne, siblings Georgie and Poppy Carlton (relative newcomers Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart) are taking an unconventional royal tour of America in an attempt to launch the latter’s acting career.

  • NBC
    The Blacklist

    Repeat to Revisit: When Liz and Red learn that an illegal adoption agency is responsible for tots getting abducted, Liz questions her own impending adoption. And this is when she was on good terms with her husband.