What to Watch Today

Once Makes a Deal, Taken Invades North Korea and More

On TV this Friday: Once Upon a Time reaches a deal, Taken infiltrates a North Korean prison and Access Hollywood bus tape confederate Billy Bush chats with Bill Maher. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar; all times are Eastern:

  • CBS
    NCAA Basketball Tournament

    Providence vs. Texas A&M (12:15 pm), Lipscomb vs. UNC (2:45 pm), Bucknell vs. Michigan State (7:10 pm) and Arizona State/Syracuse vs. TCU (9:40 pm). (View complete NCAA schedule.)

  • NBC

    A prisoner warns the team about a dangerous plot; Zapata finds herself caught between the CIA and FBI; Roman and Crawford have a disagreement.

  • The CW

    Fallon finds herself stuck in a faux engagement to Jeff; Cristal is forced to choose between her role as a wife and her role as a stepmother.

  • ABC
    Once Upon a Time

    Rogers and Eloise reach a deal, while in a faraway realm, Hook confronts Captain Ahab about a magical talisman which can free Alice. (Series finale title revealed!)

  • Lifetime Movie Network
    Mistress Hunter

    In this TV-movie, The Young and the Restless‘ Lauralee Bell plays a woman who hires a P.I. to prove that her hubby is a no-good cheater. Things epically backfire.

  • The CW
    Jane the Virgin

    Xo pushes Jane, Rogelio and Alba away; River Fields agrees to a meeting with Rogelio; Rafael searches for his sister. (Is the end near?)

  • ABC
    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    The team embarks on a search for the Gravitonium in hopes of, you know, saving the world. (Exclusive wedding secrets revealed!)

  • NBC

    Bryan and Santana are tasked with retrieving a nuclear physicist from a secret North Korean prison compound. Easy peasy!

  • HBO
    Real Time With Bill Maher

    Guests include ousted Today show co-host Billy Bush, Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, policy commentator Nayyera Haq and comedian Pete Dominick.

  • Cinemax
    Strike Back

    Mac and Wyatt close in on the location of a terrorist who is of interest to Lowry and Col. Parker; Jensen attempts to crack a code involving Project Tenebrae.