What to Watch Today

Once, Quantico and Other Finales, Live Simpsons and More

  • ABC
    Once Upon a Time

    Special time! Season finale, two hours: As Regina reels from Robin’s death, the heroes discover Gold has stolen the Olympian Crystal and tethered all of Storybrooke’s magic to it. (Read preview, watch a sneak peek and view photos.) (Renewed.)

  • Fox
    The Simpsons

    After butchering a speech at work, Homer turns to improv comedy to regain his confidence. (In the final three minutes, Homer appears live, for both the East and West Coast broadcasts, to answer fan questions.)

  • Starz
    The Girlfriend Experience

    Christine takes precautions against further intrusions from Jack… but is faced with another problem from an unexpected source.

  • Fox
    Bob's Burgers

    After finally convincing Bob and Linda to send her to horse camp, Tina realizes she has to part ways with Jericho, her imaginary horse. (Watch sneak peek.)

  • ABC
    The Family

    Series finale: Claire finally realizes what Adam and Ben endured when she visits the bunker where they were kept; Jane looks to make a getaway as Nina closes in on Doug’s location (for the 800th time, give or take).

  • CBS
    Undercover Boss

    New time slot alert! Identical twin brothers Ashley and Brandon Wright, co-owners of Hamburger Mary’s — a franchise of LGBT-friendly restaurants that offer gourmet burgers, cocktails, drag shows and nightly entertainment — take turns undercover as the other watches via a video feed.

  • Fox
    The Last Man on Earth

    Season finale: Phil and Mike grow closer than ever, and the whole Malibu group gets “a big friggin’ surprise.” (Renewed.)

  • Showtime

    Season finale: Dice’s place at the top of his crew is threatened when his old friend, Bobby the Mooch, resurfaces with new wealth. (Not yet renewed.)

  • ABC

    Season finale: It’s graduation day for the NATS, while, in the future, Alex and her team find themselves head-to-head with the terrorist. (Renewed.)

  • HBO

    Selina rushes to the hospital while attempting to win the presidency, while Amy and Dan discover the O’Brien camp has staged a fake protest. Whoa, a politician fabricates something?!