What to Watch Today

New Amsterdam and This Is Us Fall Finales, Sarah Chalke Visits The Conners and More

  • The CW
    The Flash

    Nora grapples with unresolved anger over Barry’s future disappearance; the team must stop Weather Witch from killing her own father, Weather Wizard (returning guest star Liam Mcintyre). (See photos; does Flash fail science too often?)

  • Fox
    The Gifted

    Reed, Caitlin and Lauren meet with Dr. Risman in hopes of stabilizing Reed’s powers, while Polaris tries to protect baby Dawn from the Inner Circle.

  • CBS
    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Revisit the Island of Misfit Toys with Santa’s special sled-puller in this 1964 Rankin/Bass classic.

  • ABC
    The Conners

    Becky meets with Andrea (Sarah Chalke) for the first time since the surrogacy mishap. (Who was TVLine’s Performer of the Week?)

  • ABC
    The Kids Are Alright

    Peggy and Mike get into an argument about how involved they should be in their children’s lives after Mike talks to Eddie about s-e-x.

  • A&E
    Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

    Season 3 premiere: Former Scientologist Valerie Haney reveals how conditions at a heavily guarded compound led her to contemplate suicide.

  • NBC
    This Is Us

    Fall finale: Kevin arrives at the ville where his father served; Randall debates Councilman Brown; Jack struggles to get through to Nicky.

  • The CW
    Black Lightning

    Following capture, Black Lightning and Thunder fight to get Looker to release control over the Sange.

  • ABC
    Splitting Up Together

    Lena gets involved with Maya’s pregnancy; Martin reads Mae’s diary and is led to believe she is romantically involved with her teacher.

  • NBC
    New Amsterdam

    Fall finale: The recipient of Max’s sister’s heart arrives at the hospital; Frome helps a transgender patient; Bloom stresses over a difficult conversation.