What to Watch Today

NCIS Crossover Event, Snowpiercer Finale and More

  • Peacock

    Attention cord cutters! Season 4 of the Kevin Costner epic is now available to stream in its entirety.

  • The CW
    All American

    Spencer has high hopes heading into his first college game; Asher and Layla have epiphanies about their respective relationships. (Already renewed… but what about Homecoming?)

  • CBS
    The Neighborhood

    Calvin’s oft-mentioned brother Curtis (played by Cedric the Entertainer’s Last O.G. costar Tracy Morgan) pays the Butlers a surprise visit. (Showrunner out!)

  • Fox

    Chimney is determined to find a missing Maddie amid St. Patrick’s Day chaos. (Read spring premiere post mortem and J-Love preview.)

  • CBS
    NCIS / NCIS: Hawai'i Crossover

    Back-to-back episodes: Torres receives a call from Tennant to come to Hawai’i after a key witness on an old case turns up with crucial evidence. (Watch preview video below, revisit every NCIS crossover.)

  • TNT

    Season 3 finale: Layton and Wilford battle for the future of humanity, with New Eden hanging in the balance. (Check renewal status.)

  • FX
    Better Things

    When Sam heads to San Francisco for a job, Max holds down the fort.

  • NBC
    The Endgame

    An escaped convict is on a quest for redemption; Doak hatches a plan to take back one of the banks.

  • ABC
    The Good Doctor

    At the hospital, Shaun, Jordan and Asher treat a 45-year-old virgin; at home, Shaun and Lea experience something of a dry spell. (How great was re-proposal?)

  • HBO
    My Brilliant Friend

    Following news of a murder in Naples, Pasquale and Nadia turn up unannounced at Elena’s house in Florence. (Renewed for a final season.)