What to Watch Today

Sleepy Mutations, 3-D Runway, Nathan for You and More

On TV this Thursday: Haven goes to trial, Grey’s feels the love, Project Runway toys with three dimensions, Charisma Carpenter unspools new Evil and Nathan Fielder confronts the One Percent. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar:

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    Owen encourages the interns to learn about breaking bad news to patients’ loved ones; an elderly patient assures Arizona that she’ll find love again. (What is Denzel Washington doing on Grey’s?!)

  • NBC
    Heroes Reborn

    Miko’s plan fails to consider a troubling outcome; Malina gets closer than ever to the truth; Luke faces up to his past.

  • The CW
    The Vampire Diaries

    A rash decision by Damon threatens to sabotage a deal between Stefan and Lily; Alaric turns to Bonnie for assistance with a potentially dangerous artifact.

  • Lifetime
    Project Runway

    The competitors are tasked with utilizing 3-D printing technology to sculpt avant grade designs in a “fashion forward” challenge.

  • Investigation Discovery
    Surviving Evil

    Season 3 premiere: A young woman is plunged into the dark side of Detroit when a night on the town leaves her in the clutches of an armed gang of thugs. Charisma Carpenter (Angel) hosts.

  • Fox
    Sleepy Hollow

    Pandora unleashes an ancient artifact with the ability to transform ordinary humans into terrifying figures from history. (Exclusive Bones/Sleepy crossover pic!)

  • Syfy

    Charlotte and Dwight attempt to clear Nathan’s name after he’s put on trial moderated by the Teagues.

  • NBC
    The Player

    Mr. Johnson helps Alex uncover clues about Ginny’s murder, but Cassandra has her own plan; Detective Brown targets Alex’s hitman client.

  • ABC
    How to Get Away With Murder

    Annalise and the team represent a murder suspect accused of killing a teenager; Asher encounters a scandalous confession. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • Comedy Central
    Nathan for You

    Season 3 premiere: Nathan inadvertently faces off against a giant corporation after trying to help a struggling electronics store.