What to Watch Today

Nashville Homecoming, Idol Series Finale Part 1 and More

  • Hulu
    The Path

    Cal pays his estranged mother (Kathleen Turner, Friends) a visit; Sarah confronts Miranda Frank, who is brought to New York during Cal’s absence.

  • Fox
    American Idol

    Series finale (Part 1): The final performance show is housed at L.A.’s Dolby Theatre, where only Dalton Rapattoni, La’Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon remain. (Watch the latest Reality Check.)

  • The CW

    Oliver and Diggle discover Merlyn’s plan to break Darhk out of prison; Laurel gets a surprising offer; Felicity has a talk with Curtis. (Prepare for the Mystery Grave reveal!)

  • Freeform
    Young & Hungry

    Season 3A finale: Josh considers ending his therapy sessions; Alan and Elliot make another go at their honeymoon.

  • Freeform
    Baby Daddy

    Season 5A finale: A weekend in the Hamptons forces Ben to figure out whether he wants to be with Sam or Zoey. (Watch sneak peek.)

  • CBS
    Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

    Two episodes: First up, the team travels to Japan to investigate a string of homicides made to look like suicides. At 10 pm, the team scours Paris for an UnSub killing Americans.

  • Fox

    Camilla sinks her claws into Hakeem; Jamal deals with backlash from fans; Rhonda and Andre’s marriage is put to the test.

  • ABC

    Juliette returns following treatment for postpartum depression; Layla courts Autumn Chase (Friday Night Lights vet Alicia Witt) in hopes of opening for her on tour. (Get scoop.)

  • Sundance
    Hap and Leonard

    Season finale: Hap and Leonard must fend for themselves; Trudy makes a confession; Hap’s search for the money leads to something unexpected. (Not yet renewed.)

  • FX
    The Americans

    Philip, Elizabeth, William and Gabriel must confront the depth of their patriotism when their mission proves flawed.