What to Watch Today

PBS Dramas Return, Grease Encore, Family Reveal and More

  • Fox
    Grease: Live

    Repeat to Revisit: Add a little groove and meaning to your Easter Sunday with this encore of Fox’s first live musical. (The @GoGrease handle, as well as multiple cast members, will be live-tweeting fun facts using the #GreaseAgain hashtag.) (Read our review.)

  • Up
    Grace Unplugged

    Airing for the first time on cable-TV, this drama stars AJ Michalka (The Goldbergs) as a phenomenal singer and the ideal Christian teen. But when she gets the music break of a lifetime and is thrust into the real world at age 18, Gracie’s faith is put to the test.

  • ABC
    Once Upon a Time

    Finally reunited (and it feeeeels so goooood), Hook and Emma must find a way to defeat Hades so that they can return to Storybrooke. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • PBS

    Season 2 premiere: Sidney finds himself suspected of murder alongside another priest, a photographer and the victim’s classmate.

  • CBS
    The Good Wife

    Alicia and Diane defend a therapist whose neighbor, represented by Caitlyn D’Arcy (Anna Camp), flies a drone over his home office. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • ABC
    The Family

    After Hank is beaten, he names one of the Warrens as the prime suspect; Bridey gets the results of the paternity test she ran on Adam. (Read preview.)

  • Showtime

    A confrontation between Sean and Frank quickly turns into a brawl. (Read preview.)

  • PBS
    Mr. Selfridge

    Season 4 premiere (two hours): Harry has his hands full with a house full of kids, upstart wheeler-dealer Jimmy Dillon and — my personal favorite — a planned tribute to women.

  • ABC

    Alex gets more instructions from the terrorist – only this time, it’s Claire Haas’ life in the balance; a terror cell tries to infiltrate Quantico. (Watch sneak peek.)

  • HBO

    Alex recruits an unwanted face from Brett’s past to help with their project, and Tina becomes more proactive in getting what she wants. (Which performer scored an Honorable Mention?) (Also, this is a bummer.)