What to Watch Tonight

Earth, Wind & Mr. Robinson, Young & Hungry and More

  • Hulu
    Difficult People

    Billy attends a Yom Kippur dinner with his brother, while Julie attempts to prove she’s charitable.

  • Fox

    After concocting dishes featuring coffee as the main ingredient, the contestants team up to create extravagant party platters.

  • The CW
    America's Next Top Model

    The models are tasked with a runway walk across elevated shipping containers to retain their spot in the competition.

  • ABC Family
    Young & Hungry

    Summer premiere: Gabi returns from Switzerland following the end of her internship; Josh spies on a new neighbor.

  • CBS

    Molly regains forgotten memories as she succumbs to the virus; Julie is faced with difficult decisions as the hybrids seek revenge.

  • NBC
    Mr. Robinson

    Season 1 finale (two episodes): First up, Craig plans a fundraiser to save his job. Then at 9:30 pm, Earth, Wind & Fire invite Craig on tour. (Not yet renewed.)

  • USA Network
    Mr. Robot

    Elliot’s hack is threatened when a mysterious fan from his past arrives. (Did you see who earned a Performer of the Week Honorable Mention?)

  • Comedy Central
    Key & Peele

    The fifth-to-last episode features a mom writing a song for her son, Big Boi’s run-in with André 3000 and an Undercover Boss reveal.

  • TV Land
    The Jim Gaffigan Show

    Jeannie gets upset when Jim celebrates Dave’s birthday but not her own. Colin Quinn (SNL) and Artie Lange (The Howard Stern Show) guest-star.

  • MTV
    America's Best Dance Crew

    The crews create concepts and characters for VMA-worthy performances to advance to the semifinals.