What to Watch Today

Mom's Valentine's Day, Jennifer Grey's Anatomy and More

On TV this Thursday: Mom celebrates Valentine’s Day, Will & Grace‘s Karen has the Worst stepdaughter and Jennifer Grey is admitted to Grey’s Anatomy. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar; all times are Eastern:

  • Netflix
    Dating Around

    Series premiere (all six episodes): In each installment, one single goes on five first dates, then determines who they’d like to see again. Which is… life, right? (Watch trailer.)

  • Netflix
    Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho

    Stand-up comedy special: Jeong discusses his transition from doctor to comedian, and reveals how his wife’s battle with breast cancer led to his breakthrough role in The Hangover. (Watch trailer.)

  • Fox

    In an episode directed by Ben McKenzie, Gordon assembles a team to protect the city from Eduardo Dorrance, while Barbara reveals shocking news.

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    In an episode directed by Kevin McKidd, Grey Sloan is flooded with patients after gunfire goes off at a parade; Maggie receives a blast from the past; Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) guest-stars as [Spoiler].

  • CBS All Access
    Star Trek Discovery

    Burnham & Co. must navigate a dangerous alien landscape in order to save Tilly’s life; Section 31 is assigned to [all together now] “the search for Spock.”

  • ABC
    A Million Little Things

    Eddie and Katherine’s divorce mediations grow complicated; Rome’s brother (SNL vet Jay Pharoah) visits. (Get First Look at Chandler Riggs’ debut.)

  • NBC
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Jake and Rosa deal with a mother in mourning as they work to solve a difficult murder case with confusing evidence. (Get scoop on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s awaited visit!)

  • CBS

    Bonnie takes Christy on a mother-daughter date for Valentine’s Day, while Majorie’s hopes for a quiet evening are quickly dashed. (Psst… hear the good news?)

  • NBC
    Will & Grace

    Will tries to mend Karen’s relationship with her estranged stepdaughter (You’re the Worst’s Aya Cash); Grace and Jack go on a diet together.

  • NBC
    Law & Order: SVU

    Fin partners with Sgt. Phoebe Baker (Blue Bloods‘ Jennifer Esposito) to investigate a chain of pop-up brothels; watch a sneak peek.