What to Watch Tonight

Mad Men Ends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and 6 Other Finales, Billboard Music Awards and More

  • ABC
    America's Funniest Home Videos

    Season 25 finale: Longtime host Tom Bergeron bids farewell to the series and thus introduces his last baby-doing-something-funny video ever. (Renewed.)

  • Fox
    Bob's Burgers

    First, Bob and Linda are thrilled to meet the star of their favorite martial arts series. Then, in the season finale at 9:30 pm, the threat of a rent increase on Ocean Avenue causes Bob and the other tenants to rebel. (Renewed.)

  • ABC
    Billboard Music Awards

    Ludacris and Chrissy Teigen host this year’s fete, which opens with the debut of Taylor Swift’s latest video — starring every female celeb in Hollywood, apparently.

  • Fox
    The Simpsons

    Season 26 finale: When a modernized Springfield Elementary has a technical meltdown, Groundskeeper Willie becomes the coach of the Mathletes. (Renewed.)

  • PBS
    Call the Midwife

    Season 4 finale: Trixie and Sister Mary Cynthia support a deaf mom-to-be; a case of morning sickness proves more serious than suspected. (Renewed.)

  • CBS
    I Love Lucy

    In this hourlong special, two classic episodes of the comedy — “L.A. At Last!” and “Lucy and Superman” — are colorized.

  • Fox
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Season 2 finale: Jake and Amy go undercover to catch Brooklyn’s most notorious identity thief. (Watch a sneak peek.) (Renewed.)

  • Fox
    Family Guy

    Season 13 finale: Lois books a couple’s vacation in the Bahamas — only to reveal to Peter that it’s a marriage counseling program instead. (Renewed.)

  • PBS
    Mr. Selfridge

    Season finale: The store closes a sale to end all sales, while Cupid makes some final decisions. (Renewed.)

  • CBS
    Battle Creek

    Special time! Milt illegally uses NSA feeds to help a woman learn who shot her husband. Then at 10 pm, Milt learns more about Russ’ youth.

  • E!
    Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce

    In the first of a two-part special, Bruce Jenner and his family share their honest feelings about Bruce’s decision to live publicly as a woman.

  • AMC
    Mad Men

    Series finale, 77 minutes: The stories of Don Draper, his family and his co-workers at Sterling Cooper & Partners conclude. You didn’t think you’d get more than that, right? (Revisit the show’s best guest stars.)

  • E!
    The Royals

    Season finale: Following Eleanor’s shocking conversation with Brandon Boone, the mystery of Robert’s death continues. (Renewed.)

  • HBO

    Annoyed by press reaction to her running mate’s effort- less charm, Selena attends an event without her team to help. Oh no. (Who’s our Performer of the Week?)