What to Watch Today

Leverage Returns, AHS Finale, The Santa Clauses and More

  • Amazon Freevee
    Leverage: Redemption

    Season 2 premiere (first three episodes): After pulling Harry back into the fold, the crew works to take down the corrupt president of a small European nation, a shady plastics exporter and a ruthless e-sports team owner. (Watch trailer.)

  • Disney+
    Limitless With Chris Hemsworth

    Series premiere (all six episodes): The MCU’s Chris Hemsworth explores how to combat aging and discover the full potential of the human body.

  • Disney+
    The Santa Clauses

    Limited series premiere (first two episodes): Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin mulls retirement as his Christmas magic begins to dry up; franchise vets Elizabeth Mitchell and Eric Lloyd also return. (Bernard scoop!)

    Also streaming Wednesday: Andor, The Mighty Ducks and The Mysterious Benedict Society (Disney+).

  • ABC
    The Conners

    After attempting to rid herself of Bev (Estelle Parsons), Jackie must come to terms with her mother’s decline.

  • The CW
    DC's Stargirl

    In the cancelled series‘ antepenultimate episode, Courtney, Sylvester and the JSA are chilled by the return of someone from their past.

  • ABC
    Abbott Elementary

    Janine insists that her second-grade class participate in the eighth-grade science class’ egg drop activity; Barbara learns not to judge a book by its cover.

  • NBC
    Chicago Fire

    Det. Pryma turns to Severide for help on a case involving explosives; Gallo improvises on a call; Violet encourages Brett to start dating again.

  • Syfy

    In the penultimate Season 2 episode, Incarnate Lord goes on lockdown with the Chucky dolls inside, while Nica moves forward with her plan.

  • The CW
    Kung Fu

    Nicky and the team come up with a plan to deal with Xiao once and for all; Althea offers Evan relationship advice; Jin prepares for his first interview.

  • FX
    American Horror Story

    Season 11 finale (two episodes): In the first hour, two old friends are led through unique journeys of retrospection. Then at 11 pm, grief and peril dominate Gino, while Adam has a revelation. (Previously renewed through Season 13.)

  • IFC
    Documentary Now!

    Season 4 finale: Acclaimed French filmmaker Ida Leos searches for why she no longer experiences “frisson.”

    In 1981, Elizabeth Taylor made her General Hospital debut as Helena Cassadine, to cast a curse at Luke and Laura’s most memorable wedding.