What to Watch Today

Naomi Watts' Gypsy, Killjoys Returns and More

On TV this Friday: Naomi Watts throws ethics out the window in Netflix’s Gypsy, Dark Matter deals with a hostage situation and the Killjoys and Masters of Illusion return. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar:

  • Netflix

    Series premiere (all 10 episodes): In this psychological thriller, a therapist (Twin Peaks‘ Naomi Watts) develops intimate relationships with her patients; Billy Crudup (Watchmen) co-stars. (Watch trailer.)

  • Syfy

    Season 3 premiere: Dutch and D’avin search for a weapon that will draw out the Hullen; Johnny receives an urgent message from Clara. (Get scoop.)

  • The CW
    Masters of Illusion

    Season 4 premiere (two episodes): Supergirl‘s Dean Cain continues to lord over this showcase of the world’s best illusionists (minus Gob Bluth).

  • Showtime
    I'm Dying Up Here Marathon

    Through midnight | Catch up on the first four episodes of the Jim Carrey-produced drama about up-and-coming comedians in 1970s L.A.

  • Syfy
    Dark Matter

    After Adrian’s friend is taken hostage by one of Tabor’s rivals, the Raza crew must track down a specific data file in exchange for her release.

  • Up
    Date My Dad

    Rosa teaches the family more about their Mexican heritage; Gigi tries to hide her intelligence to fit in better at school.

  • PBS
    The Great British Baking Show

    The remaining nine contestants attempt to whip up the perfect batter.

  • Syfy
    Wynonna Earp

    The team sets off to retrieve the briefcase of a recently attacked Black Badge agent.

  • HBO
    Real Time With Bill Maher

    Guests include advice columnist Dan Savage, counter-terrorism expert Richard A. Clarke, legal analyst Dan Abrams, news anchor Katty Kay and political analyst Michael Steele.

  • USA Network
    Playing House

    Two episodes: Mark begins coaching a women’s basketball team; Maggie gets the opportunity to act in a nursing promo video.