What to Watch Today

Kenan and Young Rock Bow, The Oval and Queen Sugar Return, Big Sky Heads for Hiatus and More

  • OWN
    Queen Sugar

    Season 5 premiere: As Nova start a new business venture, she and Calvin move forward in their relationship; Charley and Ralph Angel are faced with big decisions. (Read Ava DuVernay interview; watch trailer.)

  • Fox
    The Resident

    Nic’s close friend/former colleague Billie (Gotham‘s Jessica Lucas) returns to support her during her recovery; Bell asks his stepson for a favor.

  • The CW
    Two Sentence Horror Stories

    Two episodes: A Nigerian nurse wrestles with a dark force. Then, in the Season 2 finale, an Indigenous man and his girlfriend visit an Old West reenactment.

  • BET
    Tyler Perry's Madea's Farewell Play

    Previously a BET+ exclusive: Perry’s final stage run as Madea features other fan-favorite characters such as Mr. Brown, Cora and Aunt Bam.

  • NBC
    Young Rock

    Series premiere: Presidential hopeful (on the show) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recalls different chapters of his life, at ages 10, 15 and 18. (Watch trailer.)

  • NBC

    Series premiere: A recently widowed morning-show host (SNL‘s Kenan Thompson) raises his daughters with help from his brother (SNL‘s Chris Redd) and father-in-law (Don Johnson); Kimrie Lewis (Single Parents) co-stars.  (Watch trailer.)

  • PBS
    The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song

    The two-part docu reveals the broad history and culture of the Black church; interview subjects include Oprah, Yolanda Adams and Rev. Al Sharpton.

  • MTV
    Each and Every Day

    This timely documentary takes a look at the devastating toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on the mental health of teenagers.

  • NBC
    This Is Us

    The Pearsons navigate huge milestones from a distance, as Randall and Beth help Madison through labor. (Did Kevin travel to Canada without a passport?)

  • The CW

    Series finale: Maggie and Jared are on the run; a chance encounter with Wade forces Jared to make a big decision. (Officially cancelled.)

  • ABC
    Big Sky

    Winter finale: When Cassie comes face to face with Ronald, it triggers a memory from the pair’s prior meeting. (Fall behind? Read Episode 8 recap.)

  • USA Network
    Temptation Island

    Season 6 premiere: Four new couples pack up their emotional baggage and head to Maui, where they’re joined by 24 sexy singles.

  • BET
    The Oval

    Season 2 premiere (special time): Laura’s discovery scare her half to death; Gayle needs a reality check; Richard presses Nancy for answers. (Read preview.)

    On Feb. 16, 1967, the Star Trek episode “Space Seed” introduced Ricardo Montalbán’s Khan Noonien Singh.