What to Watch Tonight

Jessie Moonlights, Vice Finale, David Beckham and More

  • NBC
    Stanley Cup Finals

    The action switches back to L.A. where the Kings, up 3-1, again aim to clinch.

  • Disney Channel

    To buy her dad a special birthday present, Jessie takes a job at Empire Skate Building — where her boss turns out to be Emma. Talk about your Friday the 13th bad luck!

  • Disney Channel
    Dog With a Blog

    Tyler, Avery and Chloe try to plan something special for their parents’ anniversary after remembering how their misbehavior almost ruined their wedding day.

  • Showtime
    David Beckham Into the Unknown

    This 90-minute film follows the multimillionaire international celebrity and his three closest friends as they embark on adventures in Brazil.

  • ABC
    What Would You Do?

    Tonight’s episode features obese customers getting heckled at a buffet, a transgender girl trying on prom dresses and a runaway bride (spoiler alert: Richard Gere does not show up during that last one).

  • Syfy

    When Liber8 puts Kiera and John Doe in danger, they have to deal with the origins of their friendship. Alec struggles with the fact that his invention is the cause of Jason’s increasingly odd behavior.

  • CBS
    Blue Bloods

    Repeat to Revisit: Frank is almost shot when dining with mob lawyer Angelo Gallo (guest star Chazz Palminteri, The Usual Suspects). Meanwhile Danny has jury duty for a murder trial but disagrees with his fellow jurors — sounds like one angry man.

  • HBO

    Season finale: Documentarian Vikram Gandhi (Kumare) explores futuristic police surveillance in Camden N.J. while journalist Ben Anderson rexamines the ongoing conflict in Darfur, Sudan.