What to Watch Today

Jane and Odd Couple Return, Lucifer Makes a Bet and More

  • Fox

    Penguin struggles to keep his promises when crime in Gotham worsens; Butch heads down a dark path with the Red Hood Gang; Bruce looks into Ivy’s whereabouts.

  • The CW

    Superman blames Hank when Kara is injured by a villain who stole kryptonite from the DEO; Kara meets new boss Snapper Carr (Cougar Town‘s Ian Gomez).

  • CBS
    The Big Bang Theory

    Sheldon threatens to break up with Amy when she won’t adhere to his bathroom schedule; Howard and Bernadette find unexpected guests in their home. (Moves back to Thursdays beginning next week.)

  • The CW
    Jane the Virgin

    Season 3 premiere: Jane deals with the trauma of Michael getting shot; Rafael focuses his attention on keeping Mateo safe. (Read preview.)

  • Fox

    Chloe and Lucifer look for a killer after two young L.A. transplants are poisoned; Maze convinces Chloe to go out for drinks, as part of a bet with Lucifer.

  • CBS
    The Odd Couple

    Season 3 premiere: Oscar must choose between a romantic evening with Charlotte and helping save Felix and Emily’s relationship; Boyz II Men guest-star.

  • ABC

    The CIU takes on the case of a political activist who once planted a bomb at a mosque that killed a prominent Imam and three worshippers.

  • CBS

    A student from Ralph’s class goes missing during a field trip; Toby gets close to learning the identity of Happy’s husband.

  • NBC

    Flynn and the team find themselves in 1962 Las Vegas; Rufus learns an old mentor has potentially dark motives; Elena Satine (Revenge) guest-stars.

  • CBS
    The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    Guests include President Barack Obama, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Fresh Off the Boat‘s Randall Park and musical guest Bob Weir.