What to Watch Today

'TGIT' and Other Fall Finales, Lip Sync Special and More

  • Crackle
    The Art of More

    Series premiere (all 10 episodes): Crime and corruption emerge as four elitists spar over multimillion-dollar auctions; Dennis Quaid (Vegas), Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns), Christian Cooke (Magic City) and Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) star.

  • ABC
    Grey's Anatomy

    Fall finale: First responders are rushed to the hospital from a nearby wildfire; Maggie and Andrew attempt to keep things professional. (“TGIT” resumes in February.)

  • NBC
    Heroes Reborn

    Fall finale: Luke and Noah’s destinies are entangled as Malina unleashes the full extent of her power; Carlos faces a violent past.

  • The CW
    The Vampire Diaries

    Stefan and Damon confront Lily regarding Julian’s manipulative ways, leading to the reveal of a secret. (Is Caroline’s [Spoiler] the craziest twist of all time?)

  • CBS
    The Big Bang Theory

    Sheldon and Amy spend Thanksgiving at an aquarium; Wolowitz, Bernadette, Raj and Emily volunteer at a soup kitchen. (Is [Spoiler] on the horizon for Shamy?!)

  • ABC

    Fall finale: Olivia is perturbed by her First Lady-like duties; Mellie puts her power on full display. (Who did Shonda kill off because she didn’t like the actor?)

  • Fox
    Sleepy Hollow

    Fall finale: Abbie and Ichabod face their greatest danger yet as they deal with lasting implications of the shard.

  • NBC
    The Blacklist

    Fall finale: Red and Liz are separated when the criminal finds himself in danger; Samar chooses to help Liz, no matter how risky the decision. (Hmm, is Liz pregnant?)

  • CBS

    Addicted to the rush of helping fellow addicts, Christy and Bonnie take on a new “project” — which just so happens to look a lot like Judy Greer.

  • ABC
    How to Get Away With Murder

    Fall finale: Annalise’s shooter is revealed as ADA Sinclair uncovers new details in the Hapstall case. (Here are the odds on 15 possible shooter suspects.)

  • NBC
    The Player

    Season finale: Alex and Cassandra team up to assure his next assignment brings him closer to Ginny, all while avoiding Mr. Johnson. (Unofficially cancelled.)

  • Spike
    Lip Sync Battle

    Holiday special: Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie compete in an hour-long battle in support of their new film, The Night Before.

  • IFC

    Season 1 finale: After receiving an exciting job offer, Karen talks to Paul about the future; the Chubbys put together a farewell party. (Not yet renewed.)