What to Watch Today

Hell on Wheels Nears Its Finish, Jane the Virgin's ABCs and More

On TV this Saturday: AMC embarks on its penultimate trip to Hell, a 7th Heaven vet gets caught up in a haunted Honeymoon and Angel From Hell hosts a belated Thanksgiving. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar:

  • HBO
    Sesame Street

    Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) teaches Elmo the Spanish alphabet; Rosita pens a book detailing her Mexican heritage. (Watch sneak peek.)

  • NBC
    2016 Nitro World Games

    Spearheaded by extreme sports icon Travis Pastrana, this three-hour event will feature top athletes from the realms of motocross, BMX and skate.

  • Lifetime
    Honeymoon From Hell

    Newlyweds learn that their bed-and-breakfast room is haunted by a woman who died of a broken heart. (Yes, really!) Adam Hagenbunch (Undateable), Catherine Hicks (7th Heaven), Cameron Richardson (Harper’s Island) and Lexi Giovagnoli star.

  • CBS
    Angel From Hell

    Two episodes: First up, Amy suggests throwing a Thanksgiving with untraditional food and games. Then at 8:30 pm, Allison helps Amy find a job.

  • Discovery
    Hello World!

    Two episodes: Steven Tyler takes a look at the life of prairie dogs, hawks and mustangs; Ellie Goulding explores how polar bears and garter snakes attract mates.

  • Hallmark
    A Perfect Christmas

    Newlyweds (Nikita‘s Dillon Casey, Jessica Jones‘ Susie Abromeit) keep secrets — including a layoff and a pregnancy — when their family visits for the holidays.

  • ABC
    In An Instant

    A woman and her daughters remain trapped in a car at the edge of a ravine as a inebriated truck driver crashes into them.

  • AMC
    Hell on Wheels

    In the series’ penultimate episode, construction on the railroad is nearly finished, forcing all parties to consider what life after its development has in store.

  • AMC
    American West

    Jesse James turns up after years in hiding, Billy the Kid looks to avenge a death and Wyatt Earp ponders his future as a lawman. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • NBC
    Saturday Night Live

    Repeat to Revisit: Drake returns as host and musical guest in the penultimate episode of Season 41. (Read recap.)