What to Watch Today

Hawaii Five-0's 100th, Leno Visits Fallon and More

  • AOL Originals
    Zoe Saldana Presents 'My Hero'

    In the latest installment of this inspirational series, America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon honors the woman who, in raising him, helped shape the man he is today: his grandmother Marie.

  • ABC
    Last Man Standing

    Mike gets stuck in the middle when Kristin and Ryan discover Boyd was never vaccinated for chicken pox.

  • ABC

    In a bid to bond with Trent, Josh asks Cristela to teach him about sports. She best hurry, because when Trent’s client Mark Cuban (Shark Tank) arrives, Josh thinks that he is there to fix the fridge!

  • The CW
    America's Next Top Model

    The remaining models head to Seoul, Korea for a group dance photo shoot judged by Korean pop star BtoB. Later, Tyra and the judges notice one model’s bad habit that prevents future success.

  • NBC

    Nick and Hank explore the boxing world after a disturbing vision, while Monroe and Rosalee get surprising help while trying to restore Nick’s abilities. Lisa Gay Hamilton (Men of a Certain Age) guest-stars.

  • CBS
    Hawaii Five-0

    In the series’ 100th episode, a kidnapped McGarrett envisions what the team would have been like if they had led different lives. Musician Gavin Rossdale guest-stars. (Get fresh scoop.)

  • ABC
    Shark Tank

    Honoring Veterans Small Business Week, contestants with military backgrounds present inventions including a jewelry line, a glove for physical training and a canine training program. Also, First Lady Michelle Obama appears in a video.

  • NBC

    John and Zed must prevent a woman from making a deal with the devil to save her family. Also, John deals with new rival Papa Midnite.

  • CBS
    Blue Bloods

    Frank disagrees with a District Attorney during an on-air interview; Danny’s personality clashes with his new boss during an investigation. Nora O’Donnell (CBS’ This Morning) guest-stars.

  • NBC
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

    Fallon chats with entertainment legend Jay Leno for the first time since taking the reins of The Tonight Show.