What to Watch Today

Harvey Weinstein Docu, Steven Universe Movie and More

Harvey Weinstein Documentary Untouchable Hulu Trailer

On TV this Labor Day: Steven Universe gets the movie treatment, top competitors return for Night 2 of the Ninja Warrior national finals, and Hulu chronicles the rise and fall of a Hollywood heavyweight. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar; all times are Eastern.

  • Hulu
    Untouchable: The Rise and Fall Of Harvey Weinstein

    Documentary premiere: This film chronicles the disgraced movie producer’s career, including a hard look at the more than 80 accusations of sexual assault leveled against him; interviews include Rosanna Arquette, Hope D’Amore, Paz de la Huerta and Erika Rosenbaum. (Watch trailer.)

  • Cartoon Network
    Steven Universe: The Movie

    Just when Steven thinks he is done defending the Earth, a new threat arrives. (Read preview.)

  • NBC
    American Ninja Warrior

    Night 2 of the national finals includes top competitors Jessie Graff, Grant McCartney, Drew Dreschel and Mathis “The Kid” Owhadi.

  • ABC
    Bachelor In Paradise

    Angela’s arrival stirs up trouble for Clay; Tayshia is happy to see two new men arrive; a “stunning departure” precedes the rose ceremony.

  • Fox
    So You Think You Can Dance

    Two dancers are eliminated from the Top 6. (Find out when WWE wrestling will take over Fox Fridays forever.)

  • CBS
    The Big Bang Theory

    Repeat to Revisit: In the series’ third-to-last episode, Beverly is unusually kind to Leonard (Johnny Galecki, who earned a POTW Honorable Mention).

  • HBO
    Our Boys

    Mike worries when Simon goes undercover as a reserve-duty soldier to learn more about Yosef and Rabbi Yizhak Ben Shoshan.

  • AMC
    The Terror: Infamy

    Chester is treated in a hostile manner; the Japanese-American community celebrates Obon, a festival that commemorates the spirits of those who have died.

  • ABC
    Grand Hotel

    In the penultimate Season 1 episode, Javi and Alicia attempt to get to the bottom of what really happened to their mom, while secrets from Santiago’s past come to light.

  • AMC
    Lodge 49

    Dud plans a trip with El Confidente; Liz and Lenore’s friendship blossoms; Connie learns about the True Lodge.