What to Watch Today

Hannibal Gets Cookin', NBA Finals, Lost Girl and More

On TV this Thursday: Hannibal travels abroad, Lost Girl parties like there’s no tomorrow, LeBron James takes on the Golden State and Wayward Pines replaces its ice cream-lovin’ sheriff. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar:

  • Fox

    Booth works diligently to kick his gambling habit as the Jeffersonian team investigates an ex-con-turned-yoga instructor. (Heartbreaking sneak peek!)

  • CBS
    The Big Bang Theory

    Repeat to Revisit: Howard teases Raj with the invention of a new game; Sheldon works towards a scientific breakthrough.

  • Netflix

    Wiley and Adam attempt to escape as the quarantine is kept in place.

  • ABC
    2015 NBA Finals

    LeBron James makes his fifth consecutive trip to the finals as the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Golden State Warriors in Game 1.

  • Fox
    Wayward Pines

    Ethan is called upon to replace Pope after… you know; Ben gets private tutoring on his first day at Wayward Pines Academy. Hope Davis (The Newsroom) guest-stars. (Sneak peek!)

  • NBC

    Shafe and Charmaine search for Manson and Emma as Shafe’s snitch becomes a prime suspect in the murder of a drug dealer.

  • NBC

    Season 3 premiere: After Hannibal successfully escapes the FBI, he and Bedelia travel through Europe. (Exclusive sneak peek!)

  • Syfy
    Lost Girl

    Season 5A finale: Bo attempts the takedown of an enemy in attendance at the same party.

  • FX
    The Comedians

    Billy and Josh deal with the fallout of a deeply embarrassing viral video.

  • Syfy

    As Lykos and Aegeus work to conceal their identities within the Athens prison caves, Hero and Princess Ariadne develop feelings for each other.