What to Watch Today

Ground Floor Finale, Fresh Off the Boat and More

  • CBS

    DiNozzo investigates a murder at his former military academy; Gibbs & Co. join Bishop and her husband for a special dinner. (Get scoop.)

  • ABC
    Fresh Off the Boat

    Time slot premiere: Louis encourages the family to make new friends at an annual block party, while Eddie uses a beautiful neighbor to impress his peers.

  • NBC
    Parks and Recreation

    April contemplates her future over a business trip with Leslie; Andy tries to find his wife the perfect job back in Pawnee.

  • ABC
    Marvel's Agent Carter

    As her enemies get a wee bit too close for comfort, Agent Carter comes to a startling realization.

  • The CW

    Sam and Dean work to stop a vengeful, ghoulish culprit after three college students are found dead.

  • Fox
    New Girl

    Jess and Ryan consider their future over one too many drinks, while Schmidt tries to make a place for himself in Fawn’s political world. (Psst, hear who’s leaving?)

  • Fox
    The Mindy Project

    Mindy’s baby news is put on hold when she and Danny are invited to the world’s most awkward family dinner. (Get scoop, watch a sneak peek.)

  • FX

    Duffy and Boyd ask a favor of an eccentric safecracker; Raylan wages war on the men forcing Harlan’s real estate decisions.

  • CBS
    Person of Interest

    Finch sniffs out a planted juror after the Machine plants him on a murder trial trial; Reese makes progress with the department’s shrink. Paige Turco returns as Zoe.

  • TBS
    Ground Floor

    Series finale: Jenny turns down Brody’s nonexistent marriage proposal after finding a ring in his suitcase; Threepeat worries about his drunken night with Heather.