What to Watch Today

Getting On's Last Shift, Blood & Oil Ends, a Robot Chicken Christmas, 7 Fall Finales and More

  • Sundance
    Behind the Story With the Paley Center

    Andy Daly (Review) moderates a panel with the cast and creative staff of Modern Family. (Not yet renewed.)

  • Fox
    The Simpsons

    Fall finale: Bart’s coming-of-age story is told à la the Oscar-winning film Boyhood, chronicling his life from age six to his time as an accomplished young man. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • CBS
    Madam Secretary

    Fall finale: After they uncover a secret that could ruin Maria Ostrov’s reputation, Elizabeth and Dalton head to Switzerland to use the intel as leverage in the conflict with Russia.

  • ABC
    Behind the Magic

    Fittingly narrated by Once Upon a Time’s Ginnifer Goodwin, this special goes behind the scenes of Walt Disney’s creation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first full-color, full-length animated feature film.

  • Fox
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Fall finale: Jake, Charles and Gina are involved in a real-life Die Hard situation while off-duty on Christmas Eve. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • ABC
    Blood & Oil

    Series finale: Billy faces an ultimatum: Save his marriage by leaving Rock Springs forever, or stay in the oil game alone. Meanwhile, Cody experiences temptation in the form of another man.

  • CBS
    The Good Wife

    Fall finale: Alicia and Lucca defend a well-respected surgeon accused of plotting to commit a crime, and Ruth schemes to remove Jason from Alicia’s life.

  • Fox
    Family Guy

    Fall finale: When Peter shoots someone who is trying to break into Cleveland’s house, he is arrested and charged with a hate crime. (Not even close to the worst thing he’s ever done.)

  • Fox
    The Last Man on Earth

    Fall finale: The pressure is on as Gail tries to fix a bad situation, while Melissa and Todd try to recover from their relationship troubles. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • HBO
    Getting On

    Series finale: As the staff tries to prevent the closure of Billy Barnes, DiDi takes to the picket lines in a last-ditch effort to save the ward; Jenna tries to weasel her way out of a hastily made offer.

  • ABC

    Fall finale: The terrorist responsible for the Grand Central bombing is finally revealed — but instead of answers, more questions remain. Rude. (Watch a sneak peek and view photos.)

  • Adult Swim
    The Robot Chicken Christmas Special: X-Mas United

    Santa’s elves are rabid with excitement as Christmas draws closer. (Literally rabid. And extremely dangerous.)