What to Watch Tonight

NY Med Returns, Gang Related Meets Prison Break and More

  • ABC
    Black Box

    A patient is referred to the Cube after he complains of headaches and vivid hallucinations. Meanwhile, Catherine takes on a patient diagnosed with Alien Hand Syndrome.

  • Fox
    Hell's Kitchen

    The contestants prepare for a dinner service with special guests from Oxfam America, including Minnie Driver (About A Boy) — isn’t charity supposed to work the other way?  

  • Syfy

    Irisa promptly lands behind bars when she returns to Defiance, but Mayor Pottinger offers to release her in exchange for Nolan capturing a mad bomber.

  • ABC
    Rookie Blue

    As Fite Night looms, the officers must seize all “proceeds of crime,” but what Andy and Nick find at an illegal gambling house leads to a suspicious confession.

  • CBS
    Big Brother

    In the second half of this cycle’s two-night premiere, the remaining eight Houseguests will be introduced as they move into the treehouse-themed compound.

  • Fox
    Gang Related

    Daniel puts himself at risk in an attempt to make up for money he mismanaged, while Carlos grows mistrustful of Javier’s plan to legitimize Los Angelicos. Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) guest-stars as a cartel tough.

  • Syfy

    Alex rejects his new role as the Chosen One, but a sleeper threat in Vega forces him to protect the ones he loves. Meanwhile, Michael and Gabriel have one last meeting before the war reignites.

  • NBC

    First up, Justin pushes Danny’s relationship with Sabrina to a new level, causing Danny to react in a predictably destructive way. Then at 9:30, Danny tries to improve Justin’s relationship with his father (guest star Tom Cavanagh, Ed) — yet only makes things worse.

  • NBC
    Last Comic Standing

    The final 10 comics are split into two groups and each given the same sketch comedy script to perform that night in front of a live audience. Helping them is mentor Cheryl Hines (Suburgatory).

  • ABC
    NY Med

    Season 2 premiere: Dr. Oz fights to save a young actor’s life after an encounter in the ER turns into a medical crisis; a cardiac surgeon faces a heart tumor deemed inoperable; and a neuroradiologist treats a 2-year-old with swollen blood vessels in her brain.