What to Watch Today

Shadowhunters Is Back, Fresh Off the Boat Finale and More

  • Freeform

    Season 3 premiere:  The Shadowhunters and Downworlders attempt to get back to normal in the wake of Valentine’s death. (Watch a sneak peek.)

  • ABC
    The Middle

    After Sue’s car gets stolen, the Hecks team with Bill Norwood and the Donahues to wage an all-out war on Rita Glossner (Brooke Shields) and her deplorable children. (Programming noteMoving to 8:30 pm beginning April 3; get series finale scoop.)

  • ABC
    Fresh Off the Boat

    Season 4 finale: Honey plans a vacation ahead of the baby’s arrival; Jessica turns the trip into a mission to get Stephen King to endorse her novel. (Not yet renewed.)

  • The CW
    Black Lightning

    Black Lightning works towards clearing his name while hunting down those involved in his father’s murder. (Fall behind? Read Episode 8 recap.)

  • NBC

    Time slot premiere: Lou’s production budget gets slashed; Coach Strickland purposely monopolizes Robbie’s time. (We’ve got burning premiere Qs!)

  • Fox
    LA to Vegas

    The crew tries convince passengers to give up their seats on an overbooked flight; Artem gets into a dispute with an unexpected seatmate.

  • NBC
    Chicago Med

    Manning and Choi deliver a baby at a homeless encampment; Halstead and April discover that their patient is a pedophile.

  • ABC
    For the People

    The lawyers attempt to prove their worth to the Mother Court; Jay defends a client with controversial beliefs. (Your thoughts on the series premiere?)

  • Comedy Central
    Another Period

    Season 3 finale (two episodes): The Commodore turns to Peepers for help; Frederick’s presidential bid divides the manor; Lillian adjusts to life as a policeman’s wife. (Not yet renewed.)

  • Audience Network
    You, Me, Her

    Season 3 premiere: Emma rekindles an old romance; Jack and Izzy settle into monogamy; Carmen and her neighbor start a lifestyle magazine.