What to Watch Today

Bachelor's Bikini-Less Party, Gotham Power Shift and More

  • NBC
    Celebrity Apprentice

    After both teams are tasked with creating and hosting New York boat tours, the remaining players craft three-dimensional environments to showcase Trump hotels.

  • ABC
    The Bachelor

    Chris’ sisters select one lucky lady to join him on a one-on-one date; Later, a group date gets raunchy as the bachelorettes shed their bikinis at the beach.

  • Fox

    Penguin seizes control of Fish Mooney’s club; Gordon suspects foul play when the key witness in a homicide ends up dead; Bruce has a message for Selina.

  • ABC Family
    The Fosters

    Kiara seeks help after being placed in an unfit foster home; Mariana downplays her high math scores.

  • CBS
    Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials

    Scorpion‘s Katherine McPhee and CBS Sports’ Boomer Esiason reveal the Top 10 Super Bowl commercials, as voted on by viewers at home.

  • History
    Sons of Liberty

    Part 2 of 3: Sam Adams and Paul Revere help destroy thousands of pounds of tea, enraging Parliament and forcing them to appoint a new military governor.

  • The CW
    Jane the Virgin

    Jane must choose between a permanent teaching position and an internship on Rogelio’s telenovela; Michael disobeys orders to stay away from Rafael.

  • Fox
    Sleepy Hollow

    Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny help Hawley confront his nefarious childhood caretaker (Defiance‘s Jaime Murray); Irving adjusts to his new life. (Watch video.)

  • HBO
    Night Will Fall

    This 80-minute docu juxtaposes horrific footage from the 1945 film German Concentration Camps Factual Survey with insights from survivors, soldiers.

  • NBC
    State of Affairs

    Charlie and the PDB team work fast to find Ar Rissalah 7’s missing bombs before the terrorist cell launches an attack. Matthew Lillard (The Bridge) guest-stars.