What to Watch Tonight

Covert's Role-Reversal, a Life-Or-Death Face Off and More

  • NBC
    Food Fighters

    Series premiere: Amateur cooks compete against a series of professional chefs, preparing recipes that the expert must replicate before both entries are sampled by the judges. For each chef the home cook beats, the more cash prizes they win. Adam Richman (Man Vs. Food) hosts.

  • ABC Family
    Pretty Little Liars

    While volunteering at Radley, Aria meets an aggressive patient that might be the key to what the Liars are looking for. Meanwhile, Spencer borrows Ezra’s surveillance equipment to spy on her family and Hanna is caught between Ali and Caleb.

  • Syfy
    Face Off

    Season 7 premiere: The contestants find out they aren’t “officially” on the show unless they survive one final “life or death”-themed audition. Also, make-up artist Lois Burwell (Lincoln) joins the judges’ panel.

  • TNT
    Rizzoli & Isles

    When Maura’s away at a Medical Examiner’s convention (I hear they are to die for), Jane needs help from Susi (guest star Tina Huang, General Hospital) to solve the perfect murder. Meanwhile, Korsak must deal with some unfinished business.

  • NBC
    America's Got Talent

    The judges narrow down the competition during Judgment Week in New York City — ha, as if they can find someone here who has an opinion on something!

  • ABC Family
    Chasing Life

    April visits a fertility doctor before starting chemo, then asks her support group for advice on how to tell Dominic about her leukemia. Also, Dominic gets a surprising offer which might change everything.

  • TNT

    As Kate and Daniel investigate a kidnapping and related murder, they discover a child who needs their help. Jeff Branson (The Young and the Restless) guest-stars.

  • USA Network
    Covert Affairs
    When Auggie and Annie switch roles, his emotional history with a potential asset complicates the mission. Meanwhile, Joan plays matchmaker for Calder and Arthur goes on his first op abroad for McQuaid.
  • FX

    As Jamal prepares to deal with protesters, Barry scrambles to organize a summit in the hopes of avoiding bloodshed.

  • MTV
    Finding Carter

    Bird betrays Carter, Max decides to leave the Wilsons and Lori returns.