What to Watch Today

Extant Gets Schooled, Who Do You Think You Are? and More

  • NBC
    America's Got Talent

    The judges announce the Top 48 acts that they picked out of a hat.


  • ABC Family
    Young & Hungry

    Josh discovers something surprising about the guy Gabi’s dating, but she doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile Elliot tries to fit in with Josh’s programmer friends. Jane By Design‘s Nick Roux guest-stars.

  • CBS

    When John confronts Molly about her distant behavior, she considers telling about her pregnancy. Meanwhile, some parents become suspicious of Ethan when he attends school for the first time.

  • USA Network

    When Sean brings Logan in to the SEC for questioning, Harvey tries to put an end to the takeover. But when Mike continues playing hardball, Louis sees a chance to save the day and Litt things up.


  • TLC
    Who Do You Think You Are?

    Season 5 premiere: Sex and the City‘s Cynthia Nixon explores the history of her father’s side of the family, which reveals an ancestral mystery of deceit and murder. (True fact: The TLC channel’s name now stands for “Tender Loving Care,” no longer “The Learning Channel.”)

  • WE tv
    The Divide

    Preoccupied with the Butler case, Christine finds it difficult to concentrate on studying for the bar. Elsewhere, Adam decides to confirm Jenny Butler’s eyewitness ID to remove any doubts he may have about Terry’s guilt.

  • NBC
    Taxi Brooklyn

    An escaped female inmate (played by guest star Erin Wilhelmi, The Knick) is revealed to be the witness to Beckett’s mother’s Cat’s father’s murder, bringing her one step closer to finding his killer.

  • USA Network

    Mike and Briggs are forced to take extreme measures to find Paige as well as discover who is responsible for sabotaging Graceland’s operations.

  • FX
    The Bridge

    Sonya and Marco make an unsettling discovery as they continue to track Eleanor, Charlotte’s business takes a hit and Eva and Linder are reunited.

  • TV Land
    Hot In Cleveland

    Victoria’s son (played by Glee‘s Chris Colfer) pays her a visit. Meanwhile, Joy and Mitch debate their compatibility after visiting a quiz-loving therapist (The Simpsons‘ Dan Castellaneta).