What to Watch Today

Empire Meets Ne-Yo, Back to the Future-thon and More

On TV this Wednesday: Cookie does business with a Miami vet, Rosewood makes friends with a former hero, Esquire goes back to a present Future and Twitter makes an enemy of South ParkHere are 10 programs to keep on your radar:

  • Esquire
    Back to the Future Marathon

    bttf-marathonThrough 3 am | Put down your hover- board and relive the unforgettable trilogy (twice!) in honor of the day Marty McFly traveled to the future in Part II. (View full schedule.)

  • Fox

    Rosewood and Villa seek justice for a murdered ex-con; Adrian Pasdar (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) guest-stars. (Hear the good news?)

  • ABC
    The Goldbergs

    Lainey’s attempt to teach Barry a lesson about relationships results in Barry turning up to school dressed as Boy George.

  • The CW

    In an episode directed by Jensen Ackles, Sam and Dean look for a missing child linked to the Darkness; Rowena seeks to protect herself against the Winchesters.

  • CBS
    Criminal Minds

    When three restaurant workers are killed during a robbery/homicide in Las Vegas, N.M., the BAU looks at a six-year-old cold case for leads.

  • Fox

    Cookie and Anika team with Laz (Adam Rodriguez, CSI: Miami) to put together a company-launching event; Jamal and Ne-Yo work on new music.

  • FX
    American Horror Story: Hotel

    Alex is pushed to the edge when Scarlett stirs up memories of Holden; a rival of the Countess targets Donovan. (Vote for your favorite TV ghost!)

  • NBC
    Chicago P.D.

    Voight suspects the man who tried to kill him is someone he and Olinsky once locked up; Burgess is unsettled by information about Ruzek’s history.

  • Comedy Central
    South Park

    Cartman quits Twitter after becoming a victim of body-shaming; Randy deals with uncomfortable confrontations at Whole Foods.

  • FXX
    You're the Worst

    The group attempts to get rid of a mouse loose in Jimmy’s house; Gretchen talks to Jimmy about what’s been going on.