What to Watch Today

Empire and 11 Other Marathons, Paradise Ends and More

  • USA Network
    NCIS Marathon

    Through 8 pm | Gibbs & Co. are kickin’ it old school, with 14 episodes from the first season. (Will Gibbs survive in Season 13?)

  • FXX
    The Simpsons Marathon

    Through 2 am | FXX is practically all Simpsons, all the time, but that doesn’t make this marathon any less noteworthy!

  • ION
    Criminal Minds Marathon

    Through 3 am | Spend 18 hours with TV’s most famous Behavioral Analysis Unit. (Season 11 premieres Sept. 30; watch trailer.)

  • TV Land
    The Facts of Life Marathon

    Through 8:12 pm | You take the good (Ms. Garrett), you take the bad (Beverly Ann), you take them both and there you have the Diff’rent Strokes spinoff.

  • CMT
    Last Man Standing Marathon

    Through 8 pm | Unfortunately, this Tim Allen sitcom lacks in the Richard Karn department. (Season 5 premieres Sept. 25.)

  • Syfy
    Z Nation Marathon

    Through 2 am | Before Friday’s Season 2 premiere, familiarize yourself with all 13 episodes of the under-the-radar zombiefest.

  • FX
    Empire Marathon

    Through 12 am | Who says you need to spend all of your nickels and quarters to enjoy the holiday? Stay at home and binge as the cabler drip-drops all 12 episodes. (Season 2 premieres Sept. 23; view photos.)

  • TNT
    The Librarians Marathon

    Through 12 am | All of Season 1, followed by the movie that started it all: The Librarian: Quest For the Spear. (Season 2 bows Nov. 1.)

  • TBS
    Friends Marathon

    Through 6 pm | Relive the one with the birth of Frank Jr.’s triplets, the one where Chandler and Monica get married, and the one where Rachel gets off the plane (because there was no left phalange!).

  • WGN America
    Elementary Marathon

    Through 7 pm | Holmes and Watson are on the case! Six of them, actually. (Season 4 premieres Nov. 5, now with John Noble.)

  • Comedy Central
    Futurama Marathon

    Through 10 pm | Devote yourself to three four-parters, including “The Beast With a Billion Backs” and “Bender’s Game.”

  • WGN America
    Person of Interest Marathon

    Through 1 am | Don’t rage against The Machine. Instead, keep it company through all six episodes. (Who’s back for Season 5?)

  • USA Network
    WWE Monday Night RAW

    Seth Rollins faces off against U.S. champion Sting and WWE champion John Cena as part of a night of champions.

  • Fox
    So You Think You Can Dance

    Season 12 finale (Part 1): The final four Stage and Street dancers unveil their last performances.

  • ABC Family
    Switched at Birth

    Travis worries about how Los Angeles has changed Emmett; Regina attempts to learn more about Will’s mother.

  • CBS
    CBS Fall Preview

    Get a taste of the net’s autumn roster, which includes Angel From HellCode BlackLife in Pieces, Limitless and, oh, Supergirl.

  • ABC
    Bachelor In Paradise

    Season 2 finale: A breakup sparks concern amongst other couples about the strength of their own relationships. (Not yet renewed.)

  • ABC Family
    Chasing Life

    Secrets are exposed as the Carver family gathers before a winter storm; April tries to get information from George.

  • MTV
    Faking It

    Amy and Shane assist Lauren as she plots her revenge on Theo.

  • NBC
    Running Wild With Bear Grylls

    Season 2 finale: Saints QB Drew Brees wrestles a crocodile in the jungles of Panama. (Not yet renewed, but POTUS is coming!)